• Cameron Roriston

Why discipline is fun and you just don't know it...

Discipline isn't sexy.

It isn't exciting or motivational.

That is, until we realise that it is the single most effective skill-set that can get us to our fitness and physique goals!


Skill-set? But isn't discipline just something we either do or don't do? That we either have a lot of, or not?

Simple answer - No.

Discipline by definition is a practice.

And like anything we practice, it gets better the more often we do it and worse the more often we don't.


Good news - it takes less practice than we think!

We can often get surprisingly more efficient at something with a relatively small amount of practice, so long as we are consistent.

Discipline is really no different.

There's no mad science or magic formula.

It's as simple as - a little practice + done often = big improvements.


Willpower and discipline get banded about, quite often in the same breath.

And they get the blame for a lot of stuff too.

"I tried to exercise regularly but my willpower let me down. I just don't have any discipline!"

Let's make this clear - Discipline and willpower are NOT the same thing.

They do walk hand in hand though…


By definition of the terms;

Willpower is essentially self-control.

Discipline is training that improves self-control.

So, the robustness of our willpower is in fact defined by how much we practice discipline.

Which is great.

Because if discipline were an innate gift that we either have or don't have, then there wouldn't be a lot we could do about not having much of it.

Fortunately, this is not the case!


So let's revisit that earlier statement - "my willpower let me down. I just don't have any discipline!"

Some small amendments will give us the true version of this, which reads:

"my willpower let me down BECAUSE I just don't PRACTICE any discipline!"

The light at the end of the tunnel.

With a little practice, we can have as much willpower as we want!


So we can establish that discipline improves willpower AKA self-control.

Self-control enables us to make the necessary changes and improvements to reach our goals.

We can change our eating behaviour to get the body-shape we want.

We can exercise as much as we need to get stronger, leaner and fitter.

We can be more productive at work and potentially increase our earnings.


By practicing discipline we can reach all the common goals that we have that directly equate to improved quality of life.

Which ultimately equates to happiness.

And happiness is fun.


Discipline is fun.

And now you know it.


Advice - start small.

Achievable daily practices such as keeping the house tidy, 5-minutes of meditation after you brush your teeth, 10-minutes of exercise 3-days a week.

Pick the smallest increments of positive change beyond what you're already doing and build gradually.

You'll be amazed at how fast your steadfast willpower can be cultivated.

Good luck.

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