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The “Shortcut” to improving your fitness is obvious…

Everybody wants to know the secret to getting and staying in amazing shape!

The quickest ways to get jacked and shredded AF!

The “shortcut”.

The “hack”!

The good news is that there really is one.

It’s very obvious, but it probably isn’t what you think…

At one time I was pretty hooked on rock-climbing.

One of the best trips of my life was a week of camping and climbing in the stunning Dolomites mountains, Italy.

For various reasons I haven’t touched the sport for around the last 3 years.

Then, in a moment of inspiration last night, I dug out my climbing shoes and chalk, and this morning I toddled down to the local bouldering centre.

It. Was. Awesome!

After an hour I was asking myself “why the f**k have I left it this long?”.

I was instantly reinvigorated about not just climbing but the fitness associated with it.

The whole afternoon my mind’s been buzzing with thoughts of when I’ll go again, what areas I’ll work on, things to do to improve etc, etc.

And there it is.

The super-epic, mysteriously elusive, mother-f**king “shortcut” to getting and staying in great shape!




The “spark”.

The “X-factor”.

You can call it a million different names and they’ll all ultimately mean the same thing.

It’s the thing that gets you going.

The thing that means you’ll show up willingly, again and again.

Without forcing yourself, without battling your “will-power” or “laziness”.

I’ve got more news for you…

We’re all lazy!

"" My advice – it's better to be happy than desperate, let enjoyment be your motivation!"

PEOPLE are lazy.

Our greatest technical innovations are all things that make life easier.

Cars, computers, machinery, appliances, smart phones, escalators.

The only times we’re prepared NOT to be lazy is when were highly motivated.

Being highly motivated generally results from either desperation or pure enjoyment.

If you’re extremely fat, you may decide to exercise regularly if told that it’s the only way to avoid serious illness.

Alternatively, you might also decide to start exercising regularly to get better at rock-climbing, simply because you tried it out and loved it.

My advice – it's better to be happy than desperate, let enjoyment be your motivation!

I try to get this message out there over and over again for one simple reason.

That the absolute biggest mistake I see people making is doing exercise they don’t wanna do for the sake of doing exercise!

It’s a losing battle.

And losing battles suck balls.

"100-zillion times better than being another sucker who hates the gym, but is hitting it up 4 x per week anyway to do HIIT circuits"

A winning battle, on the other hand, is finding ANY physical activity or pursuit that you ACTUALLY enjoy and employing it as the foundation of your exercise regime.

No ball-sucking involved in this-one folks!

Get this one box ticked and you are now on the road to success!

It’s not necessarily gonna be all sunshine and rainbows.

There will be days or weeks where you still won’t feel like doing it.

You will still have to pay attention to your diet if you want to be “jacked and shredded”.

And you may have to spend some time supplementing exercises that you don’t enjoy that much to achieve certain specific goals.

But that is approximately 100-zillion times better than being another sucker who hates the gym, but is hitting it up 4 x per week anyway to do HIIT circuits and fasted cardio because that’s what they think is the best way to achieve a “12-week transformation!”.

It’s best not to get me started on how many things I think are wrong with those type of quick-fix fitness programmes and why so many people fail to see success with them, so we’ll wrap it up here!

The main point is this – the enjoyment factor is everything.

If you’ve found it, then you’ve got the means to get in awesome shape and keep it for life.

If you don’t have it yet, then here’s some advice:

1) Don’t give up trying to find it! There are over 8,000 recognised sports. Try to avoid the shi*ty ones like darts and backgammon, there are still plenty of options that are physical and super fun. Eventually, you will find one for you. Just grab your balls and try new things. Get to the boxing gym, the water-polo club, the trail-runners meet-up, whatever is in your area and has potential!

2) Break it down into steps, recruit support if needed. I know that it can be daunting to try something new for the first time. Take small steps at first if you need to. Recruit a friend if you can. I have a short video about this here.

3) Persevere. Stepping outside our comfort zones is something most of us don’t do enough and is so important for mental health and self-development. If your first attempt at finding a new pursuit or improving your fitness fails, brush yourself off and get stuck back in! Find a mentor to help keep you motivated and just stick at it. It’s the only thing you need to do to guarantee you achieve your goals.

So there you have it!

The only “shortcut”.

The ONLY “hack” there is worth knowing.

If you are really still completely lost about how to get going on your fitness journey or just need some advice, please feel free get in touch with me personally.

I am always happy to answer questions and my TBM coaching service might offer the solution to your fitness conundrums!

Accomplish More.

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