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The dirty word that can secure your dream physique and life goals...

Updated: May 14, 2020



Or as I like to call it - gateway to a great physique and other goals!


The picture taken is of me after a lake swim in Germany during November.

The water was below 6°c, much colder than I anticipated.

Honestly, it was painful!

Going in with bare hands and feet resulted in numbness in my toes for over an hour after getting out!


So no more wild swimming in the winter, right?


For two main reasons:

1) I love wild swimming (self-explanatory).

2) Perseverance (IMHO) is the most critical habit for ensuring future happiness!

Want to know why?


I've learnt from my time as a Royal Marine Commando, amateur athlete and fitness professional, the overwhelming value of never accepting defeat at the first obstacle.


The rewards of a perseverance mindset include and are not limited to;

- Self pride in being someone who doesn't give up easily.

- Confidence in stepping out of our comfort zones.

- Building robust willpower by practicing the discipline required to achieve new goals.


I've found the opposite to be true of those at the lower end of the perseverance scale;

- Low self-esteem and confidence.

- Scared to leave comfort zone.

- Lack of self control and discipline.


Similar to words like "discipline" and "dedication", "perseverance" can get a bad wrap.

To some of us it's almost a dirty word.

Largely thanks to connotations of committing to things we don't necessarily enjoy or resisting the enjoyment of things we do enjoy but that aren't necessarily good for us in large doses.

Avoiding junk foods as an example.


Truth is this is simply a mindset.

One that we ourselves choose to adopt or not.

And the mindset that associates words like "perseverance", "discipline" and "dedication" with positives like "success", "happiness" and "achievement", is the exact mindset that effectively gets us to our goals.


What have you given up on too easily recently? Is there something you can apply a little extra perseverance too this week and test the benefits for yourself?


Perseverance - success doesn't exist without it.


🏅Accomplish More!🏅


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