• Cameron Roriston

It's OK to look on the bright side!

The effects of the current outbreak can vary anywhere between mildly annoying to downright catastrophic depending on each individual's circumstance.


Many I've spoken with are struggling to keep their mindset in a good place, even if they haven't been especially impacted.

I attribute this largely to 2 things;

- Anxiety of uncertainty

- An expectation to feel miserable


This second point is what I'd like to discuss briefly.

When we get stuck in these echo-chambers of repetitive negativity - negative press, social media posting, conversations on everything that's going/could go wrong - it becomes overwhelming quite fast!


The expectation of feeling bad creeps in because of the feeling that everything is just sh*t right now.

What's more, we can even begin to feel guilty about feeling positive in the knowledge that others are suffering!

This is not helpful for anyone.


Let's put it in perspective - here's 3 positives for health that I could argue are easier than ever:

🏆Getting to the gym! - technically your home is now your gym and most of us are stuck there. So getting to the gym has never been easier!

🏆Tracking your diet! - An obstacle that many struggle with when managing diet is tracking the food they eat when they're not at home. Jackpot! Everyone's at home, tracking food has never been easier!

🏆Time to get spiritual! - Meditation or at least mental down-time is one thing many know they could use more of but struggle to fit into their day. More time than ever to whack on some harmonium anthems and find some stillness!


Cleary this is very much a 'matter-of-perspective' post.

It proves that for every excuse someone gives me I can just as easily come up with a positive opportunity.


Avoid getting stuck in the negativity cycle!

Don't feel bad about feeling good, right now it's as important as ever!


🏅Accomplish more🏅

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