Improve your fitness, get more out of life and keep on doing it forever


Develop a positive relationship with fitness through exercise you can enjoy and personal achievement based goal-setting


Eliminate the confusion from your diet and take control of your eating habits without cutting out the foods you love


Cultivate a winning mindset that will allow you to build unbreakable habits and stay driven towards your goals

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"It has been a pleasure working with Cameron at Theseus Body & Mind, his knowledge and understanding cannot be matched.


I recommend Cameron to anyone serious about accomplishing their fitness goals!"


—  James. D

Hi, I'm Cameron...

I’m a former Royal Marine commando, Physique competitor and Ironman finisher. But it didn’t always look like this for me…


I was a chubby teen who got picked on by the “cool” kids at school and was pretty much void of any real self-belief. I can’t even prove to you how I looked back then because I simply never took my shirt off in public and certainly didn’t allow photographs. In fact, the earliest pics of me shirtless that I managed to dig out, I was in my 20’s!


How come I’m sharing this with you now? Because I want you to understand that if you’re visiting this page you are probably thinking and feeling some of the exact same things that I’ve been through myself at one time or another!

Tired of being self-conscious about the way you look?

Dread the prospects of getting naked in front of a partner or going public in a swim suit?

My personal before and after, from early 20s to early 30s

I used to feel physically sick at the thought of taking my shirt off in front of others. When I was 14 years old and finally allowed in the gym to use the machines, I used to bang out about 48 sets on the chest-press to get rid of my man-boobs! I hoped I could convert them into huge pecs like Arnie Schwarzenegger, little did I know then that's not quite how it works!


The point is I know the feelings of wanting desperately to be able to change your body shape.


It took me years to learn how to effectively sculpt my body and address my mindset towards positive self-image.


Thankfully with this experience behind me I can offer coaching through TBM that will guide you to the physique you want as well as cultivating a mindset that tackles other issues like self-confidence

Confused by the masses of contradictory info on training and nutrition?


I remember spending all my pocket-money on fitness magazines, hours pouring over internet articles (back when dial-up web pages loaded gradually in sections!) and thinking “figuring all this out is a life’s work!” And so it did become my life’s work and now because it’s mine it doesn’t need to be yours as well!


TBM coaching makes nutrition simple by teaching you the fundamental principles of fuelling performance and body optimisation. You’ll be able to take control and manage your own diet, including the foods you love and still get the results you want!

Tired of trying to find the motivation to exercise and get through boring workouts that you hate?

TBM client Izz, after achieving a 10km race

You know how many hours of cardio I did in my earlier days just to try and burn fat? A lot of study and application eventually led me to realise that it wasn’t necessary! The leanest people on the planet are pro-bodybuilders who quite often do almost zero-cardio. That’s right, ZERO! Want to know how much cardio I did in prep for my first physique show? ALMOST ZERO!!


With the right understanding of fitness you don’t need to go through hours of exercise you hate to achieve your goals, which will never equate to long-term success.


TBM coaching focusses on performance and personal-achievement based goal-setting, combined with establishing enjoyable training methods and thus developing a positive relationship with fitness, that delivers results you can maintain forever!

Bored of your routine? Feel like you should be getting more out of life?

I never dreamed in a million years as a teen with no self-confidence that I would somehow end up becoming an elite Royal Marine commando or that I would ever have the body or the guts to stand up on stage at a physique show! I remember seeing an Ironman event on TV and wondering how the hell that was possible?


Years later, having never even ridden a road bike and being a very weak swimmer with a fear of drowning, I gave myself 5 months to train for my own Ironman and completed it. My experiences have shown me that people perform at their best and are capable of incredible accomplishments when they are prepared to push themselves out of their comfort zones and develop a success-mindset.


TBM coaching will encourage you to adopt this mentality and guide the path to achieving things you never thought possible!

Friend and TBM client Matthew, after achieving an 11hr Ironman!

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What's the diffeence between Theseus Coaching and the personal trainer at the gym?

The service that a personal trainer will give you is mostly limited to the time you are in the gym and you will usually be charged by the hour. With Theseus coaching you'll not only get a full, tailored physical activity programme with comprehensive guidance, but you'll also recieve one-to-one coaching on things like mindset, forming unbreakable habits and how to stay motivated, as well as nutritional guidance AND support via text or email 7 days a week to mentor you towards guaranteed success. 

Ensure success with an experienced Mentor and avoid countless common mistakes!

Most highly succesful poeple have had a mentor at some stage, a person with a wealth of experience who is able to steer them away from pitfalls and closer to success, quicker and more effectively. Why waste your own time when I've experienced countless common mistakes and studied for thousands of hours so that you don't need to?! The guidance of an experienced mentor is simply invaluable. 

Learn to stay motivated and enjoy the process!

I will teach you how to maintain the motivation to stay on track and make positive choices and even completely change your relationship with food and exercise if needed!

It's not usually a lack of understanding of exercise or diet that holds people back. Many poeple get some good results from fairly poor programmes just from being consistent enough to benefit. Theseus Coaching will show you everything you need to turn positive choices into unbreakable habits that will lead you to success.

Enjoy Increased Self-Confidence!

Once you start feeling and looking better than you ever have before, guess what? Your self-confidence is more than likely to improve alongside your health and fitness!

Being in great shape and confidence go hand in hand and even if it doesn't come naturally, Theseus coaching can incorporate mindset management strategies that will help you build self-belief and unlock your hidden potential.

Experience Tons More Natural Energy!

Do you feel more and more lazy the less you move and eat well? Once Theseus coaching has got you into the habit of making positive exercise and food choices, you'll naturally feel more and more energised!

Client's experiences include feeling more focussed during work or study, finding it easier to get up in the mornings and having more energy for social and family times!

Improved Mood, Sleep and Cognitive Ability!

Common by-products that Theseus clients experience also include improved moods, reduced stress and anxiety, and sleeping better than ever! Oh and whats that last one? Yes that's right, studies show that regular physical activity and other positive lifestyle adaptations that Theseus prescribes actually improve the ability to think and learn! Many of the greatest minds in history have recognised the importance of  exercise and mindset and you will see why!